Jesus, Adam & Eve's Reprieve

Celebrating Redemption In Song

Praise & Worship available for church services, ministry & special events

We are leading Praise & Worship worship every Sunday morning at St. Dismas Cathedral, Charismatic Episcopal worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the church at the Bridges International Re-entry Program on Mercy Drive in Orlando. Come and visit with us, all are welcome, Service starts at 10:30 AM. What a blessing to be able to minister to these men and their families.

In addition to the Praise & Worship ministry for the men and their family’s at the “Cathedral Of Saint Dismas” in Orlando, Florida, we would like to expand our music ministry out into the community, ministering to the youth and to the least of these also.

We also hope to develop community programs for the transitioning Ex-Offenders and Court Diversion individuals who have completed their sentence or required programs.

We thank you for blessing this ministry with your prayers and any other support you are able to provide. 

In His service,              

Hector & Jannie            

Adam & Eve's Reprieve LLC